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US Strike Kills Two Al-Shabaab Militants After Attack in Somalia

  • Al-Shabaab members targeted in ‘remote location,’ US says
  • President Biden ordered US forces back to Somalia in May
Al-shabab militants in Mogadishu, Somalia in 2012.

Al-shabab militants in Mogadishu, Somalia in 2012.

Photographer: Mohamed Abdiwahab/AFP via Getty Images

A US airstrike killed two members of an al-Qaeda-affiliated group in Somalia in the first major action by American forces in the East African nation since President Joe Biden sent Special Operations troops back there in May. 

US Africa Command said it conducted the strike in coordination with the government of Somalia on Sunday after the al-Shabaab terrorist organization “attacked partner forces in a remote location near Libikus, Somalia,” according to a statement. “Violent extremist organizations like al-Shabaab present long-term threats to Somali, regional and US interests.”