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The One

Here’s One Way to Look Forward to Opening Bills

Cleanly slice open envelopes with the Zenith 585 letter opener.

Zenith 585 letter opener in gold.

Zenith 585 letter opener in gold.

Photographer: Chelsea Kyle for Bloomberg Businessweek

The US Postal Service delivered almost 51 billion pieces of first-class mail in 2021, and most of those were opened the same tried, true, and messy way: with a finger plowed under the flap. Balma, Capoduri & C.’s Zenith 585 letter opener in gold ($45) slashes through mailbox correspondence with style; but safety, not aesthetics, may be its biggest bragging right. At almost 10 inches long, it excels at helping you avoid the collateral damage of mangled pages and painful paper cuts. A riveted handle also doubles as a staple remover.