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Private Billions Pour Into Fusion as Climate Clock Ticks Down

With global warming-fueled disasters accelerating, the pursuit of unlimited clean energy has taken on existential urgency. Enter the startups.

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Power Moves: Why Private Billions Are Flowing Into Fusion

While the world struggles to find the will to fight global warming and end its reliance on fossil fuels, dozens of startups are putting billions of dollars into the quest for unlimited clean power. They’re searching for a practical, scalable way to harness fusion—the energy that powers the sun.

People have been failing at this effort for decades, however. On this episode of “Power Moves,” Bloomberg sheds light on the slow yet steady progress of government-subsidized giants, the novel (or previously discarded) approaches being tried by upstarts, and how the hunt for a fusion reactor that produces more energy than it uses has become a race against global catastrophe.