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Want to Have a Baby in the US? Get Ready to Pay a Big Bill

Average cost of child birth in US is $18,865, study finds, with about $2,850 not covered by insurance

The average cost of child birth in the US is $18,865.

The average cost of child birth in the US is $18,865.

Source: Kwangmoozaa/Getty Images

Having a baby is expensive in the US, and not even a good insurance plan will pick up the full tab.

A new study by the Kaiser Family Foundation found that the average cost of childbirth in the US is $18,865 under large insurance plans. Though most of that is often picked up by insurance, out-of-pocket payments clock in at an average of $2,854. That includes money spent during pregnancy, childbirth and postpartum-care periods over the course of about three years. Those costs also do not include the amount spent on heath-insurance premiums themselves, or extra bills incurred from out-of-network providers or non-medical procedures and services. 

The average cost for pre-and postnatal care, as well as the cost of delivery for someone covered by Medicare was $12,770 in 2010, according to the Guttmacher Institute.