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The Courtroom Artist Who Faced Down Ghislaine Maxwell

Jane Rosenberg has sketched defendants from Bernie Madoff to Martin Shkreli. She tells Emma Barnett about her long career, and how Maxwell tried to draw her.

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Emma Barnett meets...: The Courtroom Artist Who Faced Down Ghislaine Maxwell

On this episode of “Emma Barnett meets…,” US courtroom sketch artist Jane Rosenberg recalls the moment she realized Ghislaine Maxwell was drawing her during Maxwell’s sex trafficking trial in Manhattan federal court. Over four decades, Rosenberg has sketched all manner of famous future convicts, from the late Bernie Madoff to Martin Shkreli, El Chapo and Harvey Weinstein. With cameras banned from federal courts, Rosenberg’s art has been one of the few windows into America’s highest-profile trials.

Maxwell was eventually convicted of procuring teenage girls for the now-dead financier, Jeffrey Epstein. This week, she was sentenced to 20 years in prison. As for Maxwell’s drawing ploy, Rosenberg used it as an opportunity to further illustrate the character of her now imprisoned subject.