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Amazon Plans to Share Cashierless Store Data With Brands and Advertisers

  • Store Analytics tool offers granular data on shopper behavior
  • Program could help recoup costs of ‘Just Walk Out’ system
An Amazon Go store in Seattle.
An Amazon Go store in Seattle.Photographer: Chona Kasinger/Bloomberg Inc. created its cashierless technology to speed up a trip to the grocery or convenience store. Now it wants to use the tracking system to help brands and advertisers figure out how to sell more stuff.

In a blog post Wednesday, the Seattle-based company announced plans to start sharing data collected by its shopper-tracking cameras and sensors. Among other insights, Amazon would tell brands how many people ended up buying an item plucked from a shelf, how many put it back and how many purchased the product later on The initiative, called Store Analytics, essentially brings the data-mining attributes of e-commerce to physical stores.