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Electric Trucks Get Boost From Multi-Megawatt Charging Stations

Battery-powered big rigs are becoming more popular thanks to powerful new technology.

A Mercedes-Benz eActros electric cargo truck
A Mercedes-Benz eActros electric cargo truckPhotographer: Krisztian Bocsi/Bloomberg

Broad adoption of heavy-duty electric trucks is looking closer than ever with manufacturers releasing new big rigs and the announcement that multi-megawatt charging is coming in 2024.

Attendees at the EVS 35 electric-vehicle conference in Oslo last week were able to check out a Scania truck charging at more than 1 Megawatt. That’s roughly four times greater than what Tesla’s Model 3 can charge. Swiss industrials firm ABB showed off its new multi-megawatt charger it says will be ready for pilots next year and commercial deployment in 2024. That product boasts an impressive capacity of up to 3MW.