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Johnson Incites More Chaos After Wounding Confidence Vote

  • UK leader looks to shore up base after surviving party vote
  • Strategy to double down on deportations, Brexit spat is risky
Boris Johnson speaks in Parliament on June 15.

Boris Johnson speaks in Parliament on June 15.

Photographer: Jessica Taylor/UK Parliament

Boris Johnson’s response to nearly being booted out of office by his own Conservative Party last week has been to pick more fights, pushing forward with his most divisive policies and triggering the anger of opposition parties, the European Union and even the UK’s most senior clergy.

Far from seeking political calm, Johnson is inciting more chaos. During a cost-of-living crisis, the premier proposed a law to rip up his Brexit deal, risking a trade war with the UK’s biggest trading partner. As rail unions prepare to bring the country to a standstill, ministers are standing back and allowing strikes to happen, while slamming the unions organizing them. A plan to deport asylum seekers to Rwanda drew a rebuke from the heir to the throne.