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Camping, Glamping Make the Great Outdoors More Popular Than Ever

After a record-breaking year at campsites last year, the trend toward the outdoors is shifting in a more luxurious direction.

A Getaway cottage in Wimberley, Texas.

A Getaway cottage in Wimberley, Texas.

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Unlike baking sourdough bread, working in sweatpants, and signing on to Zoom raves, some Covid-19-fueled habits are showing staying power. One of the most popular in the US is camping—or shall we say glamping—under the stars.

Just as plans for international travel have come roaring back, advance bookings on the Campspot marketplace increased 49% in the weeks leading up to Memorial Day weekend—there were more than 600,000 in total in the spring quarter, up from over 400,000 the year before. Since 2015, Campspot has helped digitize the operations of campsites across the US, making them bookable online through a common platform, similar to Airbnb or Expedia. Offerings range from recreation vehicle resorts near California’s Santa Cruz redwoods to the family-friendly Yogi Bear’s Jellystone Park in Texas Hill Country.