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LiveWire One Electric Motorcyle Review: Fast, Heavy, With a Pulse

The new bike from Harley-Davidson’s LiveWire spinoff brand isn’t as great as many engined bikes, but it’s a step in the right direction.
2021 LiveWire One

2021 LiveWire One

Source: Harley-Davidson

The LiveWire One electric motorcycle has a slightly confusing heritage: It’s the first offering from the new LiveWire brand within Harley-Davidson Inc., a division that will soon be spun off and publicly traded via a special purchase acquisition company.

But Harley had an EV before, also called LiveWire, which it made from 2019 to 2020. (Recalls and high pricing rather damped its reception.) LiveWire the brand arrived last year with the debut of the $22,799 LiveWire One. A $1.77 billion deal to merge with a SPAC called AEA-Bridges Impact Corp. has been planned since at least 2020. A spokesperson said it will happen in “the first half of 2022.” (We’re still waiting.) When it does, Harley-Davidson will own 74%, according to the proposed ownership structure.