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Monkeypox’s Spread to the US Pushes Antiviral, Vaccine Stocks Higher

  • Chimerix selling its smallpox treatment to Emergent Bio
  • SIGA tops gains as FDA approves intravenous form of antiviral
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Shares of companies that develop or make therapies to combat viral outbreaks, such as SIGA Technologies Inc. and Emergent BioSolutions Inc., rallied Thursday as the first case of monkeypox arrives in the US this year and new cases appear in the UK.

SIGA, a biological warfare defense firm, rose 17% after rallying as much as 32% in its biggest intraday jump since 2016 when fears of Zika contagion were roiling the market. The company won US regulatory approval for a liquid form of its smallpox capsule today. The treatment, dubbed Tpoxx, is approved in Europe for use in monkey pox and was cited in a recent budget request to treat a US patient with the disease, the company said in a statement