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E-Scooters in Flames Show High Cost of India's Green Goals

The country’s headlong rush toward cleaner transport is coming at a human cost


A spate of high-profile battery fires is undermining India's bid to become a leader in electric vehicles, particularly in the ubiquitous two-wheelers that ply the country's traffic-clogged roads.

Social media is awash with videos of battery-powered scooters in flames. Last month, a father and daughter died from smoke inhalation after their brand-new bike from Okinawa Autotech Pvt caught fire while it was charging overnight at home. In another video, an Ola Electric Mobility Pvt scooter burns in Pune in the country’s west, while in another, some 40 two-wheelers made by Jitendra EV go up in smoke as they are transported in a container.