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George Floyd Lawyer Joins Wells Fargo Racial-Disparity Lawsuit

  • Ben Crump says bank is ‘killing Black homeowners’ spirit’
  • Becomes co-counsel in federal housing case in San Francisco
Ben Crump
Ben CrumpPhotographer: Josh Edelson/AFP/Getty Images

Ben Crump, the high-profile lawyer for the families of Black victims of police violence including George Floyd and Breonna Taylor, has joined a lawsuit against Wells Fargo & Co. over racial disparities in its home-lending practices and called for local governments and other institutions around the country to stop doing business with the bank. 

In an amended complaint filed in federal court in San Francisco on Thursday, Crump joined an existing lawsuit brought in February by Chris Williams, a Black homeowner in Georgia who claims Wells Fargo sought to charge him a higher interest rate than his credit score called for when he went to refinance the mortgage on his home in 2019. Two new plaintiffs also joined the suit, for which lawyers are seeking class-action status.