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The Budget Omega MoonSwatch Is Going Wild on eBay

  • Several appear to have sold for more than a real Moonwatch
  • Swatch insists that the hit new line isn’t a limited edition
The Omega MoonSwatch

The Omega MoonSwatch

Source: Swatch Group AG

The low-priced Swatch version of the Omega Speedmaster timepiece is popping up on EBay at massive premiums pushing 6,000 pounds ($7,890) as scalpers try to make a quick buck on an item that’s neither limited nor short of supply.

Swatch’s hottest product in decades attracted mobs of shoppers when it went on sale Saturday, and there are already 195 listings on EBay’s U.K. website and 174 in Switzerland. While some buyers try to flip the watch, Swatch Group AG has said it will do its best to satisfy demand.