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Biden’s Russia Cyber Warning Befuddles Ill-Prepared Businesses

  • White House pleads with private sector to share breach data
  • Warning prompts grumbling from some about lack of specifics
Joe Biden 

Joe Biden 

Photographer: Oliver Contreras/The New York Times/Bloomberg
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A day after U.S. President Joe Biden issued a stark warning that a Russian cyberattack “is coming,” members of his administration hosted a three-hour call with about 13,000 people representing businesses, public agencies and other organizations to discuss the potential threat.

The conversation highlighted the struggle the Biden administration faces in safeguarding the country against a possible wave of state-sponsored hacking. U.S. officials appealed for callers to lower the bar for reporting cyber threats, even down to anomalous phishing attempts. But many businesses betrayed confusion about basic cybersecurity tools and incident reporting procedures, a recording of the call shows. Other representatives said they wanted the administration to share more information.