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Bull Market Consensus in Tatters on Covid-Crash Anniversary

  • Cycle in dispute two years after S&P 500’s pandemic-era bottom
  • ‘Bull market can last’, says Stovall, vs. Wilson’s bear call
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Bull Market Enters Third Year With Uncertainty

Wednesday marks two years since the bottom of the Covid-induced stock-market crash. That’s something we can all agree on. Looking ahead, however, it gets dicey. Depending on which strategist or investor you talk to, the bull market may just be starting -- or it may be over already.

Of course, even getting Wall Street to agree on the definition of a “bull market” can be tricky. A loose consensus is that they are rallies that go beyond 20% and are never interrupted by a 20% fall, though that definition isn’t set in stone and determinations on what makes a bull market vary.