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Helping the Planet With Juice, Snacks, and Booze

A circular-economy company turns surplus produce into consumer products.

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Good Business: Helping the Planet With Juice, Snacks, and Booze

Loop Mission takes an unconventional approach to the way it makes snacks—and money. The startup pays for produce that would otherwise be discarded and gives it a second life in juices, sodas, beers, soaps, and cookies, which are priced as low as possible to hasten sales and move inventory. The formula is designed to help the planet and turn a profit.

The Canadian company is tackling food waste, a major contributor to climate change, by creating a market for surplus fruit and vegetables while tapping into a growing consumer ethos of sustainability. Its products are sold across the nation at major supermarkets and alcohol vendors, and Loop—the name reflects its focus on the circular economy—is preparing to enter the U.S.