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Bolt’s 27-Year-Old Co-Founder Is Worth Billions and Going After the Valley Elite

Venture investors wonder if Bolt will be able to make enough money to justify its price tag.

Ryan Breslow has managed to alienate some of the biggest names in Silicon Valley. Y Combinator co-founder Paul Graham tweeted that the 27-year-old entrepreneur was in “mania territory,” investor Garry Tan said he was telling “self-serving lies,” and VC Marc Andreessen mocked him for not working on Fridays. 

The blowback came after a series of fiery tweets in which Breslow slammed the popular accelerator Y Combinator, attacked his sometime rival Stripe Inc. and called the Silicon Valley startup industry a “boys club” full of “mob bosses.” It was a remarkable show of bomb throwing for a young co-founder of a startup at a precarious time for tech markets.