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Central Bankers Face Activist Rebuke Over Dark Side of QE

  • Ulf Erlandsson among those lambasting central banks on ESG
  • ECB says it’s already considering greener QE policies
Ulf Erlandsson
Ulf ErlandssonPhotographer: Mikael Sjoberg/Bloomberg
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Ulf Erlandsson is used to successfully shaming global banks and investors whose money hurts the environment. But these days, he’s aiming for a much bigger target.

The erstwhile Barclays quant, whose Anthropocene Fixed Income Institute is backed by members of the Rockefeller family, is now on a campaign to expose what he says is the destructive fallout of quantitative easing on the climate. Since the advent of QE, central banks have become the lenders of last resort for “the worst carbon offenders out there,” according to Erlandsson.