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Shake Up Your Room’s Generic Geometries With Shaggy Ball Pillows

A collaboration out of Mexico wants you to rethink the square.

Ponder these orbs.

Ponder these orbs.

Photograph by Takamasa Ota for Bloomberg Businessweek

Interior designers love a four-cornered pillow, and for good reason: It lies flat, and covers are easy to swap. Best of all, it’s fun to karate-chop the top of one so it looks plump and soft. But ball-shaped pillows are making some noise as work-from-homers look for something, anything to change the scenery. These sheepskin orb pillows ($420 each) are a collaboration between Oaxaca footwear brand Huaraches and Casa Ahorita, a boutique in Mexico City founded by gallerist and writer Su Wu. Not quite pouf or bolster, the pillows are made with zero-waste sheepskin and hypoallergenic fill to be simultaneously playful and seriously comfortable.