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Winter Olympics to Test China’s Commitments to Climate Change

  • “Low carbon” games pledged with renewable energy, clean ice
  • Green efforts must show lasting potential beyond Olympic games
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Beijing 2022 Winter Olympics: 5 Things to Know

In the summer of 2008, Beijing did what seemed impossible: it brought blue skies to the notoriously smoggy city for a month as part of a pledge to bring pollution under control for the Olympics. Now, as China gears up for the winter games, the stakes are arguably even higher as the global focus on climate change puts the country under new levels of scrutiny. 

As the world’s top polluter, China is hoping to use the occasion to demonstrate its commitment to fighting climate change, and push back against criticisms that its rhetoric and policies amount to little more than greenwashing. To that end, the Beijing Organizing Committee has pledged to host a “low carbon” games via a slew of measures.