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A New Brand of Hiking Boot Takes ‘Eco-Friendly’ to Another Level

Erem’s Xerocole expedition boots come from a long line of footwear know-how.

Erem Xerocole expedition boots. 

Erem Xerocole expedition boots. 

Photographer: Naila Ruechel for Bloomberg Businessweek

Just as there’s a shoe for every foot, there’s a boot for every terrain. In hot, arid environments, you don’t need high-tech waterproofing and thermal insulation, but you do need comfort and breathability. That’s where Erem’s Xerocole expedition boots ($200) come in. Their 7.25-inch height and reserve full-grain leather construction offer support and protection from cactuses and other ankle dangers, while the 6-millimeter lugs on the 70%-recycled-rubber soles give you a solid grip, even on shifting sand. The brand also follows a “bio-circular” standard for sustainability: Every element used in the boots has a “proven path back to nature.”