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Irish Wine Drinkers Face Minimum €7.40 Price Tag for a Bottle

  • Opponents see move driving shoppers to Northern Ireland
  • Health Minister looks to Scotland for model of success

Ireland introduced minimum prices for alcohol in a bid to cut abuse and underage drinking, but critics fear the move may drive buyers to seek cheaper drinks in Northern Ireland instead. 

The government set a minimum price of 10 euro cents per gram of alcohol in drinks sold in liquor stores, supermarkets and other shops from Jan. 4. which in practice means a bottle of wine with 12.5% alcohol must now be sold for at least 7.40 euros ($8.36), while a can of beer with 4.3% alcohol will cost at least 1.70 euros. Most liquor with more than 40% alcohol content will start at 20.70 euros. The law doesn’t apply to bars, clubs and restaurants.