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Boris Johnson Interviewed by Bloomberg News: Transcript

  • The U.K. prime minister was interviewed Monday, Oct. 18
  • Below is a transcript of the in-person interview in London
Bloomberg business news
WATCH: Johnson discusses the U.K.’s efforts to attract foreign investment, relations with China, and his priorities at the COP26 climate talks. He also talks about the factors behind the decision to raise the corporate tax rate in 2023, and Brexit’s impact on the nation’s financial sector.(Source: Bloomberg)

The following is a transcript of the conversation with Bloomberg Editor-in-Chief John Micklethwait in 10 Downing Street.

JM: Tomorrow you’ve got your global investment summit. You’ve got all the captains of industry and finance coming here. You’ve just announced you have 10 billion pounds worth in deals, 30,000 jobs… But these people are hard-headed realists. They look at Britain: Britain hasn’t got that much FDI proportionally over the last couple of years, you’ve got the queues at Felixstowe, they see the things to do with truckers, they know you still haven’t got a deal with the EU on services which is crucial to the City of London. You’ve got a very high tax take. All those things… How do you convince these hard-headed people to put more money into Britain?