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Tesla Says China Car Traveling at Nearly 120 Km/H Before Crash

  • Data logs of vehicle released after woman’s protest went viral
  • Release caps a week of negative publicity for EV maker
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Tesla Apologizes to Chinese Customer
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Tesla Inc. has released the data logs of a car that crashed in China to the woman who garnered global headlines after she staged a protest at this week’s Shanghai Auto Show claiming the vehicle’s brakes had failed.

The Model 3 car, which was being driven by Zhang Yazhou’s father at the time, was traveling at 118.5 kilometers an hour (74 miles per hour) just before impact and slowed to around 48.5 kilometers an hour after the brakes were applied, according to a local media report. The data also showed that the driver braked more than 40 times in the half-hour before the crash, and at multiple points the vehicle was traveling at more than 100 kilometers per hour.