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Amazon’s Automated Checkout Is Coming to Full-Size Supermarkets

Widespread adoption could fuel charges the company aims to eliminate cashiers. Amazon denies that, saying it created thousands of grocery jobs.

An Amazon Fresh supermarket in Woodland, California.

An Amazon Fresh supermarket in Woodland, California.

Source: Amazon Inc. is poised to bring its automated checkout technology to full-size supermarkets, a significant milestone in the race to revolutionize how people buy their groceries.

Planning documents for a store under construction in Brookfield, Connecticut, contain all the hallmarks of an Amazon Fresh grocery store: a two-word logo on dark gray panels above the store’s entrance, online order pickup counter and such full-service departments as a butcher. The plans also identify a dozen entry and exit gates as well as ceiling-mounted racks to run wiring to camera arrays, a setup that until now has only appeared in Amazon Go convenience stores.