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Musk’s Las Vegas Tunnel Is Like a Tesla Amusement Park Ride

Boring Co.’s 1.7-mile loop, nicknamed the Rainbow Road, could one day extend to the city’s airport.

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Musk's Boring Company Builds Tunnels Under Las Vegas

Nate Calabrese almost skipped right over the ``driver wanted'' ad on job-search website because it offered so few details. Turned out the posting was for the Boring Co., the tunneling business owned by Elon Musk. That's how Calabrese, 27, ended up driving people underneath the Las Vegas convention center on Friday in one of the first public peeks at the so-called “Loop” Musk has constructed there.

The company's first big commercial project was set for unveiling at Las Vegas’s glitzy annual Consumer Electronics Show this January, but the Covid-19 pandemic got in the way. Now, it’s ready for its first big deployment at the World of Concrete event from June 8-10, city tourism officials said Friday.