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Texans Slammed by Thousand-Dollar Power Bills After Storm

  • Electricity bills skyrocketed for customers of Griddy in Texas
  • Governor Abbott working on solutions to address huge charges

Photographer: Matthew Busch/AFP/Getty Images

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After enduring a wretched week of Arctic storms, hunger and cold, several Texans lucky enough to have power were handed another pain point -- massive electricity bills.

Houston resident David Astrein, 36, a human resources director at a manufacturing company, said he’s been charged $2,738.66 for 20 days this month versus $129.85 for the whole of January for a three-bedroom home with a detached garage. He and his wife stopped using their dishwasher, washer and dryer, and turned on as few lights as possible at night. They kept the heat on for their 5-month old son.