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Taliban Call on Biden to Honor Trump Deal to Remove U.S. Troops

  • Troop pullout could help end war, Taliban official says
  • U.S. reduced forces to 2,500 on Jan. 15 as directed by Trump
U.S. soldiers in Nangarhar, Afghanistan. 

U.S. soldiers in Nangarhar, Afghanistan. 

Photographer: Wakil Koshar/AFP/Getty Images

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The Taliban has called on President-elect Joe Biden to honor a U.S. agreement to withdraw all American forces from Afghanistan by May in order to secure intra-Afghan peace talks and end the two-decade-long war.

“Steps must now be taken to end the war, not to prolong it, and the agreement was made for the purpose,” Mohammad Naeem, a senior spokesman in the Taliban’s political office in Doha, said on Monday, referring to their accord with the U.S. signed last February which paves the way for a complete withdrawal of American troops by May in exchange for Taliban security guarantees. “The lack of complete implementation of the agreement can affect the ongoing process of negotiations,” he added.