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China Compares U.S. Mob Attack on Capitol to Hong Kong Protests

  • Communist Party paper casts U.S. Capitol chaos as ‘karma’
  • Mob action in Washington compared to unrest in Hong Kong
Demonstrators and U.S. Capitol police clash on Jan. 6.
Demonstrators and U.S. Capitol police clash on Jan. 6.Photographer: Victor J. Blue/Bloomberg
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China seized upon the chaos at the U.S. Capitol as an opportunity to drive home a narrative of American hypocrisy, with state media casting the incident as “karma” and “retribution” for Washington’s support of global protest movements including those in Hong Kong.

Chinese Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Hua Chunying said Thursday that some people in the U.S. needed to reflect upon the fact they had reacted differently to the violence in Washington compared with the pro-democracy demonstrations that rocked Hong Kong in 2019. Still, Hua said she believed Americans wanted peace and stability.