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Bake Club, Day 101, And Milk Bar’s Christina Tosi Is Still Going

A pandemic project to keep whipping up treats and connect with bakers around the world has turned into a nearly full-time side gig. What’s next? 

Chef Christina Tosi in New York City.

Chef Christina Tosi in New York City.

Photographer: Daniel Zuchnik/Getty Images 

When Christina Tosi started her fantastical bakery Milk Bar in 2008, it was a small storefront in New York’s East Village that opened in collaboration with David Chang’s Momofuku restaurants.

She’s since grown her company to 15 stores (8 are currently open) across the country and in Toronto, with around 200 employees. Through its online business, Milk Bar sold almost 3 million cookies in 2019, as well as thousands of other baked goods like the signature Birthday Cake Truffles. In April, Milk Bar introduced a consumer packaged goods line including cornflake, chocolate chip and marshmallow cookies at Whole Foods nationwide and on Amazon.