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The New Rules of Travel for Road Warriors

As lockdown restrictions ease, businesses travelers slowly return to the skies.

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Airlines Face Longer Road to Recovery Than Other Industries

On May 3, Mike Tanniru reembraced his weekly commute from Keene, N.H., to his company headquarters in Harrison, Ohio. For Tanniru, a general manager of Cincinnati Test Systems, which has been busy performing quality-control tests on ventilators, that normally means driving across state lines and flying two hours from Hartford to Cincinnati. But now, with Delta Air Lines Inc. no longer offering his typical direct flight, he’s had to add another step: a connection through Philadelphia, Chicago, or Washington, D.C.

“My first trip back, there was no one at the airport and barely anyone on my flight,” he says. “Rules weren’t yet in place, so flight attendants and most passengers weren’t wearing masks.”