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World’s Best Hedge Fund Returns Are Found in Tiny Singapore

  • Chong’s Vanda Global Fund has gained more than 300% this year
  • Success a combination of high-risk appetite, aptitude and luck
Chong Chin Eai
Chong Chin EaiPhotographer: Wei Leng Tay/Bloomberg
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On most mornings, Chong Chin Eai starts his day with a jog through Singapore’s Botanic Gardens. After taking his son to school, he trades futures on his laptop at home until it’s time for lunch, after which he might have a massage or perhaps a nap.

If that sounds snoozy, Chong’s returns are anything but. His Vanda Global Fund Ltd., started with $24 million from friends and family and named after Singapore’s national orchid, is the world’s best-performing hedge fund this year, gaining more than 300%.