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Election 2020

What Big Tech Could Look Like Under President Elizabeth Warren

The Democratic contender sees lasting harm when one company dominates a market, even if consumers pay lower prices.
Elizabeth Warren
Elizabeth WarrenPhotographer: Daniel Acker/Bloomberg

Elizabeth Warren is skipping straight to the endgame. While federal, state, and congressional antitrust investigations of the technology giants are under way, the U.S. senator and presidential candidate is already pushing the idea of dismantling them.

Warren, who’s risen to co-front-runner status in Democratic primary polls, is the favored candidate of policy wonks. Her slogan, “Warren has a plan for that,” is emblazoned on tote bags and T-shirts. She’s put forth proposals to ease the student-debt crisis and protect public lands from drilling. But one of her most audacious pronouncements came in March when she published a 1,700-word blog post titled “Here’s How We Can Break Up Big Tech.” The essay called for splitting up Amazon, Facebook, and Google, and helped galvanize anti-monopoly fervor among those sympathetic to calls for more muscular antitrust enforcement.