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Climate Change Is Already Battering This West African City

Home to nearly 300,000 people, Saint-Louis, Senegal, is seeing houses destroyed, streets flooded, and crops killed by encroaching saltwater.
Saint-Louis, Senegal.
Saint-Louis, Senegal.Peter Yeung

Saer Diop has always known the sea to be treacherous. At the age of 13, during his first year working as a fisherman, Diop’s uncle and big brother were among five killed after their wooden pirogue boat was capsized by a vicious storm.

But in recent times, Diop, now 34, hasn’t even been safe on dry land. “One night I was asleep in bed, and a huge wave came crashing through my window,” Diop recounted, the shock of the event that happened in 2017 still reflected in his eyes.