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Japanese Classics Are the Hottest Bet in Car Collecting Right Now

The Supra, Acura NSX, Subaru Impreza, and even the Toyota MR2 are trending up.

A Toyota MR2. 

A Toyota MR2. 

When a classic red 1994 Toyota Supra sold online for $121,000 last month, it shocked not only the usual car-related Instagram junkies but also close followers of the tiny Japanese sports car. The going rate for one in good condition tends to hover around $59,000.

Credit the high price to its low mileage and the fact that it was so well-preserved, it might as well have been vacuum-packed back in ’94. The record for the most expensive Supra sold at auction is $199,800—the sum paid for the orange Supra that appeared in The Fast and the Furious. But this was the highest price ever paid for one in an online auction. Most of them dimly approach the $100,000 mark.