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Accenture Debuts Platform That Automated 40,000 Roles

  • Company unveils new system to help firms streamline work
  • Clients testing the system saved millions, Accenture says

Accenture Plc, the global consulting firm, will begin selling software and services that it’s already used internally to automate tasks and redeploy about 40,000 workers.

The new platform, that’s been five years in development, suggests ways to streamline and automate processes in areas such as finance and accounting, marketing and procurement. Debbie Polishook, the group chief executive officer of Accenture Operations, said that all its workers affected have been retrained by the company for other jobs. Over the time the company was developing SynOps its headcount kept growing. It currently employs 469,000 people, up from 425,000 in 2017.