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Archigram’s Radical Architectural Legacy

Three members of the ‘60s collective talk to author Darran Anderson about postmodernism, metabolism, their values, and watching the world catch up to them.
Free Time Node Trailer Cage, Ron Herron, Archigram 1966
Free Time Node Trailer Cage, Ron Herron, Archigram 1966Archigram Archives

Fifty years later, Archigram’s designs still dazzle and perplex.

The ideas and designs of the avant-garde architecture collective embody the kaleidoscopic verve and style of 1960s London, with occasional diversions to Japan, the West Coast of the U.S., and even the wilderness. Gazing through the lavish and authoritative collection Archigram: The Book (Circa Press), there’s a sense of examining what the future used to be. Yet Archigram reveal themselves to be remarkably prescient, with echoes of their work all around us, from the buildings on city skylines to the medium through which these very words are being read.