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Netflix’s ‘Stay Here’ Is a Cringe-Worthy Twist on Home Renovation Shows

Binge-watch it if you’re not sure what to do with your extra house.
"#DCFirehouse4" post-renovation.
"#DCFirehouse4" post-renovation.Netflix

Some of my best childhood memories are of “cold plate nights.” On occasional evenings, my mom, brother, and I would climb into my parents’ bed, trade dinner for a plate of cheddar cheese and Ritz crackers, and abandon conversation in favor of HGTV. Watching other people’s domestic strife play out this way was our idea of domestic bliss: I’d lose myself in granite islands, poolside cabanas, jackhammer noises, adult tears. No one had to cook.

All this is to say I grew up with HGTV, and then I mostly grew out of it. But when I noticed recently that Netflix has its own home-renovation show, Stay Here, I needed to binge it.