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The Tech Industry Finally Stopped Worrying About a Bubble. Is That a Good Thing?

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Tech Stocks Giving Investors False Sense of Security, Joule Founder Tatro Says

“You have to adjust to the reality and play the game on the field,” investor Bill Gurley told Erin Griffith for a story this week about the proliferation of $100 million private investment rounds. If Gurley, Silicon Valley's closest thing to a doomsday clock, has stopped issuing warnings about a bubble and finally joined the party—it might just be time to worry.

Griffith's thesis, that Silicon Valley is handing out hundred-million-dollar checks like they're free t-shirts at a tech conference, just added another piece of evidence. DoorDash, the food delivery startup that raised $535 million in March, announced Thursday that it had nabbed another $250 million.