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Why Prada Can Charge $1,700 for Bananas on Your Shirt

  • If you have to ask, the shirt of the summer isn’t for you
  • Prada’s turnaround builds on decades of marketing insider cool
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Prada’s bowling shirt is so ugly the New Yorker called wearing it an act of “performance art.” The Frankenstein-style mash-up of garish prints, with a flame motif creeping up the bottom, costs $1,200 and happens to be the shirt of the summer, sported by actor Jeff Goldblum, rapper Pusha T and street-style bloggers at fashion weeks around the world.

If that price raises eyebrows, consider this: A padded, boxier version with a banana pattern costs $500 more. Why would anyone pay $1,700 for it? Because the Prada banana is the stuff of legend, and if you didn’t know it, the shirt probably isn’t for you.