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We Need to Talk About Farting on the Subway

Reminder to everyone lost in their screens and headphones on public transportation: You are really here.
On the subway, no one can hear you fart.
On the subway, no one can hear you fart. William Mathis/AP

Big D, a friend who asked to remain anonymous (for reasons that will soon become clear), saunters onto the New York City subway’s A train. Her ears are firmly ensconced in Beats by Dr. Dre, reggae blasting at high volume; there’s a subtle dance in her step and unanswered DMs lighting up her iPhone. Soon she’s transported into her private world, where the other 5 million daily subway passengers dissolve. The music is loud and she is lost in her online life. Thus distracted, she lets one rip.

“Girl,” she says with a laugh, “I forgot where I was!”