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Greek Headache, Trade Battles Escalate, Central Banks: Eco Day

  • Greece, Europe stare down deadline to resolve debt issues
  • U.S., China issues increasingly dragging in third parties

Happy Monday morning, Europe. Here’s news from Bloomberg Economics to help get your week started:

  • Greece is giving Europe another headache as talks on further debt relief are at a stalemate with two months to go before expiration of the euro area’s final crisis-era bailout
  • Golden bets. Gilts might have some room to score another big month even as the U.K. economic outlook dims
  • Trade battles. G-7 finance ministers rebuked the U.S. and allies are asking President Donald Trump to consider a change of heart on trade as tensions escalate, while China says all deals are off if fresh tariffs are imposed and Singapore thinks both sides are raising global risks
  • American view. Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross was in Beijing this weekend to push China on trade, while White House economic adviser Larry Kudlow says not to blame Trump
  • Blind spot. All the trade talk is obscuring another real hot spot for the U.S.-China relationship with Taiwan, while friends of the U.S. are hoping reassurances will come from more than just Defense Secretary James Mattis
  • Investment prospects. With a June 12 Trump-Kim confab looming, we’ve got three maps to show how to unlock North Korea’s economy
  • Spreading the wealth. Germany’s economy is booming, so it’s a wonder why women aren’t feeling the gains
  • Central bank puzzles. Emerging-market turmoil is pushing Australia back on an interest-rate hike, while India probably will hold this week and Indonesia is feeling the heat from rapid inflation
  • History lesson. Listen to how the opium wars of yore still frame China’s approach to trade tensions, in the latest Bloomberg Benchmark podcast
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