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What Did Cities Actually Offer Amazon?

Activists are on a quest to find out.
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Reed Saxon/AP

“If they won’t tell you what it is, it can’t be good,” Eugene Puryear, an author, organizer, and member of the Movement for Black Lives D.C., told a crowd. More than 100 were gathered in front of him, drawn to a D.C. church last Tuesday to protest the lack of transparency surrounding their city’s bid for Amazon’s second headquarters.

Of the 20 HQ2 host finalists, only a few jurisdictions have disclosed even parts of the offers they made to Amazon to lure the promise of jobs and new development. Maryland Governor Larry Hogan announced a new law to free up $8.5 billion in tax incentives from the state, and Newark has partnered with New Jersey to offer up to $7 billion. Atlanta and Chicago, too, are said to be offering between $1 and $2 billion.