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Here Are the Top 10 Sales From the Spring Art Auctions

These artworks alone went for a total of $587.4 million.

For better or worse, the very top of the auction market is its own little world. If a painting estimated for $20 million sells for $30 million at Christie’s in New York, that doesn’t say much about the market for $20,000 paintings 60 blocks south in a Lower East Side gallery. Analyzing the top of the market, in other words, has implications for, well, the top of the market.

But for those who do have a stake in $20 million-plus paintings, this was a fairly interesting week at Christie’s, Sotheby’s, and Phillips in New York. At those auction houses’ impressionist, modern, post-war, and contemporary sales, international collectors demonstrated a continued interest in the same handful of artists as in November’s auctions, which, in turn, faithfully mirrored the top lots from the May 2017 season preceding it.