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Hyperdrive Will Offer Uber-Like Service With Autonomous Vans This Summer

Startup will be one of the first to offer a ride-hailing service with self-driving cars available to the general public.
The self-driving van from

The self-driving van from

Source: Inc.


Silicon Valley startup Inc. plans to roll out a small network of self-driving cars this summer that can be hailed using an app, making it one of the first such services available to the general public.

The ride-hailing app will initially cover a slice of Frisco, Texas, and will be available in July, the company said. The program’s vehicles, Nissan NV200 vans, are painted bright orange and have visible sensors as well as four screens that tell pedestrians what the car is thinking, such as “Waiting for You to Cross” and “Passengers Entering/Exiting.”