What to Read This Weekend: Balance of Power

It’s the weekend! Kick back with this roundup of some of our best stories you might have missed, and a few new ones too.

Thursday was International Women’s Day. Bloomberg compiled this slideshow of striking photography from women around the globe. You can read a collection of our coverage of women in the news here
Photographer: Carla Gottgens/Bloomberg

Venezuelans, Go Home: Xenophobia Haunts Refugees
Ezra Fieser and Matthew Bristow speak to Venezuelans fleeing economic collapse and crowding into cities and makeshift camps in Colombia, Brazil, Panama and Ecuador, in the largest mass emigration in modern Latin American history.

The Florida Warehouse Producing ‘Made in America’ Kalashnikovs
Michael Smith and Stephanie Baker visit a Florida warehouse that produces ‘Made in America’ Kalashnikovs backed by executives with ties to Russia's President Vladimir Putin - and examine how it gets around sanctions on the Russian maker of AK-47s.

China Is Making a Bold Military Power Play
President Xi Jinping wants to boost China’s military might to challenge U.S. supremacy in the Indo-Pacific region, but he faces a problem. David Tweed and Adrian Leung use four graphics to show why. 

A Tale of Two Sanctuary Cities in the Age of Trump
Bloomberg Businessweek reports on the U.S.’s two most populous states, California and Texas, and their competing visions of how to deal with long-established immigrant communities.

It Could Be Crunch Time for World’s Third Most-Indebted Country
Donna Abu-Nasr, Dana Khraiche and Onur Ant look at Lebanon, a nation key to keeping what’s left of peace in the Middle East that’s talking about a Greek-style rescue package.

Europe’s Bad Boy Has a Fight on His Hands
Zoltan Simon reports from a small Hungarian agricultural city where the outcome of a mayoral vote suggests the re-election of Prime Minister Viktor Orban, the self-styled godfather of the European populist boom, might not be a formality after all.

Italy’s Populists Redraw Political Map, Split Country in Half
Gregory Viscusi and Hayley Warren analyze polling data from Italy’s parliamentary vote, and in three maps highlight a revolution in the country’s electoral geography.

Putin Won’t Lose the Election, But He’s Losing Russians
Andrey Biryukov and Evgenia Pismennaya examine Kremlin concerns that pocketbook issues are a growing liability, even with Putin cruising to a virtually certain win in the March 18 election.

And finally … Mining asteroids might sound like science fiction, but as Susanne Barton and Hannah Recht report, it’s inching closer to reality and could be incredibly lucrative. For this story, and more on the future of transportation, see our Hyperdrive special page.

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