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Martin Shkreli’s Journey From Pharma Exec to Inmate #87850-053

The notorious ‘Pharma Bro’ will be sentenced in a Brooklyn courtroom on Friday.
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Why Martin Shkreli Was Found Guilty of Fraud

Martin Shkreli burst on the scene as an enfant terrible, a securities savant who was working on Wall Street at 17, set up his own hedge fund at 23, and launched the biotech company Retrophin Inc. after teaching himself biology.

Some may remember him as the trader who shorted drug companies after trash-talking them. Or the pharma executive who came under withering criticism for raising the price of a life-saving medication more than 5,000 percent. President Donald Trump labeled him a “spoiled brat,” while the campaign of Democratic presidential candidate Bernie Sanders called him a “poster boy for drug company greed.”