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Jeff Bezos Has Spent $42 Million Building a Clock to Run 10,000 Years

The ‘grandfather clock on steroids’ is being installed inside a Texas mountain.
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How Jeff Bezos Became the King of E-Commerce


Originally published by Jack Forster on Hodinkee.

If you've been rattling around in horology circles in the last 15 or 20 years, you may have run across a unique (and I do mean unique) clock project, undertaken by an organization called the Long Now Foundation. The Long Now Foundation was created in 1996, and “...hopes to provide a counterpoint to today's accelerating culture and help make long-term thinking more common.” One of its initiatives is the Clock Of The Long Now, which is designed to run for at least 10 millennia, without any need for human intervention. Amazon founder Jeff Bezos took an interest in the project six years ago, and has funded it to the tune of $42 million, and he recently shared a time-lapse video of the clock's construction. The installation phase of the project has begun and part of the video shows the installation of the clock's massive driving weight.