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Affordable Motion-Capture Tech Is the Secret to Fixing Your Golf Game

MySwing can turn pros into contenders and amateurs into boardroom legends.

Illustration: Gaurab Thakali

Albert Einstein was once asked if he played golf. “No, no,” said the man who devised the theory of relativity. “Too complicated.” The story has served as a humbling reminder that even geniuses can find golf to be, as Bobby Jones, a co-founder of the Masters Tournament, described it, “a mystifying game.”

But in the past year, golf instructors have begun using an unassuming piece of technology that aims to take the guesswork out of your stroke. MySwing, introduced in late 2016, is a small box with 17 motion-capture sensors that attach to various parts of the body—the shin, the top of the feet, around the arms and chest and forehead. A separate one attaches to the club.